Membership Types/Dues

Your membership in ISM will provide a powerful path to stay connected, engaged, and up-to-date with everything happening in supply management.

New or expired members can also contact our ISM Member Services at 480.752.6276 option 8.

New Members— (ISM & ISM-TC Membership)

ISM-Twin Cities Yearly Dues


ISM yearly dues




Renewing Members — (ISM & ISM-TC Membership)

ISM-Twin Cities Yearly Dues


ISM Yearly dues





The renewal rate is discounted for those members who renew by their expiration date. Your renewal notice will come from ISM, 90 days prior to your expiration date. 

Renewing online is easy. To get started, log in to your account at www.ismworld.org.

Academic Membership
This is available to full time students and instructors in the supply management field, at a deeply discounted rate. Applications are accepted online at https://www.ismworld.org/for-individuals/membership/join-renew/. For additional information, please contact ISM Member Services at 480.752.6276 option 8 for more information.