Conflict Management

April 13, 2018
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
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Conflict: Headache or Opportunity

Conflict is usually considered something negative, destructive, and just plain bad.  This is a difficult viewpoint to take in a workplace that is very diverse, low on resources, constantly changing, and highly demanding.  Conflict is not bad; it is life and the workplace today Professionals, today, must take on a new view of conflict if they are to be successful.  It is about being able to adapt to changes quickly, solve problems, handle issues confidently, and make  effective decisions.

Objectives of this Workshop: This program

  • Emphasizes the importance of managing conflict in today’s business place
  • Discusses the evolution of views on conflict
  • Provides participants with new views on conflict and how to turn conflicts into opportunities
  • Discusses how to take preventing conflicts seriously
  • Looks at steps in resolving differences
  • Offers a framework for getting into another’s shoes

This program includes the following:

  • Defines conflict and its many forms
  • Looks at the root cause of common workplace conflicts
  • Proves that conflict is here to stay
  • Presents the impact of poor conflict management and/or effective conflict management in the workplace and in working relationships
  • Explores how conflicts have been turned into opportunities (real life examples)
  • Discusses common workplace and relationship conflicts and steps in prevention
  • Provides tips on how to look at conflicts in a new way
  • Offers tips and  practices on dealing with conflicts
  • Reviews a framework for resolving conflicts
  • Discusses how to prevent conflicts between and among employees
  • Offers practices in dealing with existing conflicts between and among employees
  • Looks at the results and opportunities hidden in conflict resolution
  • Proves that the only bad conflict is conflict not dealt with and managed
  • Offers help on participants conflict “headaches”


  Marilyn Gettinger, C.P.M., The New Directions Consulting Group

Attendees will receive 1 CEH, copy of presentation and recording following the session.



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$60.00 Non-member fee